Full Payment is due when scheduling sessions.

No Refunds.

Cancelations without 24 hour notice will be charged half the prepaid credit. 

Pricing Notes

$55 per hour to record or mix.

$100 per hour to make beats.

$100 per hour for photography.

$25 per hour to rent photography room for your photographer.

To prepay for your session you may either-


1. Pay by credit card over the phone.


2. Accept a Paypal request in your email from our secretary with the predicted balance.  You may prepay with yours or your family members debit bank card or credit card.


3. If you have a Paypal account, send the money to deepproductions08@yahoo.com and check "sending money to friends or family".  Click here to log into Paypal now.


4.  Many clients do not have credit cards and drive far distances.  In that situation we recommend to drop the cash off at your local WELLS FARGO BANK.  Account info is listed below.

 Click here for Wellsfargo locations


5.  Deliver cash to the studio when booking.


When recieving a Paypal invite to pay Deep Productions, please follow the directions below.