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On Line Mixing & Mastering

In order to get the best results there are some guidelines to follow.   You do not want to send in MP3s for any kind of mixing or mastering unless its your last resort.  Send .wav or .aiff. Your engineer owes them to you.

If your goal is to compete with industry records you need to purchase the "stems" from your beat designer.  The wave and MP3 from beat makers sound practically the same. The magic is in the "stems".  A stem is a individual track of a song like a snare kick or synth.   

Next we need the whole session of your song. That means the whole folder that makes up the song.  Below is a list of videos that teach you how to do that.
Its commonly known as "consolidating" your files.
You will be preparing your files to be imported to any software for mixing.  We have Cubase and Protools.

Once you have your files consolidated you will want to zip them up with winzip thats already on  your computer or use this free software WINRAR by CLICKING HERE

Once its zipped up you can CLICK HERE  to email through WETRANSFER.COM  Just drag all the files into the window and send to

How To Consolidate files in FL Studio
How To Consolidate files in ProTools
How To Consolidate files in Cubase
How To Consolidate files in Garage Band
How To Consolidate files in Logic
How To Consolidate files in Reason


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