Your Producer

     Bryan Tyson is a multi genre, multi talented and multi platinum selling producer from the United States in Tampa, Florida.  His production skills have made millionaires, his beats have been billboard top 100 #2 record in the country over all genres and his finger prints can be found on over 6 million records sold in the US.  Bryan can make hit records in any genre and is known for  running the most popular hiphop studio in central Florida Deep Productions.​​
     With over 20 years of Experience in Hip-Hop and 19 years of
prestigious business, Bryan has developed an ear for hit records you can trust.  After delivering a consistent flow of renown musical entertainment he is known as and considered a musical legend in his city.  His beginning roots  were under the influence of Kenny K's wax attack  on 88.5.FM  Fast-forward 20 + years and you have a accomplished engineer/producer with an impeccable reputation focusing on integrity  and honest business.  Bryan is known for bringing the best out of  everyone by offering a warm and friendly environment that even the most nervous artist can operate in stress free. Bryan has a true gift for seeing the visions of others and then surpassing their initial dreams.  At Deep you have an advantage, Not only are you getting class A  recording but you are getting a platinum producer over looking your project and passionately making every single record he touches the best product its capable of becoming.  Everyone has a copy of ProTools and good sales pitch but trust me, 

Plaques don't lie, work with the truth..